Recommended Jujube varieties for Midwest

Hi folks: From prior posts it seems like there are a number of people with experience growing Jujubes. I live in zone 5a and am interested in trying to grow them in pots (pruned small). Which varieties would people recommend for: short season growing, smaller size, and great taste. I would bring the pots into a garage during the winter. Thanks, Derek

honey jar, contorted, sugarcane, and li are some of the earliest to ripen, and fairly available(as grafted specimens) online.
as for being potted, i have 6 foot ‘trees’ on 5 gallon pots which have been fruitful for more than 4 years, rootbound and all. Of course, it helps that we have early springs and long summers here. Good thing about potting is that you could somehow simulate the drying out conditions jujus seem to like, and can move them around where it is warm and sunny, and coax them to leaf out earlier, since they leaf out only when their roots are warm

good luck!