Red Devil and Antonovka 1.5 Pound

A young lady named Olivia Brough has a Youtube channel called Liv Local where she talks about gardening and unusual fruit.

She came out to visit our orchard, Hocking Hills Orchard in SE Ohio, and over the next couple of days I will post a link to the videos from her visit. The videos are very entertaining and professional.

I will skip the first one where she interviews about my interest in growing so many different kinds of fruit because as my wife, Lisa, says everyone who knows me knows I am an apple nut !

This first one is on Red Devil and Antonovka 1.5 Pound, just 2 of the over 1,000 varieties grown at Hocking Hills Orchard at the Four Seasons Cabins in SE Ohio.


Thanks for posting the videos.

How is Antonovka? Deciding whether to pull mine or not to make space for something else.

If I was limited on space and debating the merits of Antonovka then it would go. Too many other varieties are way better and that includes ones that look just like it if that is what you are after.