Red flesh Japanese plum recomendation

I’m looking to add a nice meaty red fleshed Japanese plum to my yard (zone 8 southern Oregon). So far my collection (if you can call it that when you have 2) of plums/Pluots includes Santa Rosa and Flavor Grenade, and I’m thinking that a red fleshed plum or pluot would add some variety in terms of eating experience and esthetics. Bonus points for something with some acid to go along with the sweet.

I’m seeing Burgundy, red heart, elephant heart, and satsuma as I search the web… your experience with these or anything else that you think might fit the bill would be much appreciated!

Flavor King would be one. Most people really like it. I think it is OK. I like Dapple Dandy, many do not. I liked it so much I added Dapple Jack, and Dapple Supreme. It is a reliable for production. Taste is good when ripe. Hangs well. Jack is sweeter. Well so they say, I just added it.
On the left is Dapple Dandy, and the right is Flavor King.

Harvest is decent!


Wow @Drew51 ! Those are some seriously beautiful pieces of fruit. Thanks for the input, and I think that based on looks alone either of those would be a winner. Does either of the trees seem any easier to grow? I’m a novice and anything that is hard to kill would be a big plus:)

Sometimes trees behave better in one zone than another. I can only say how it grows here in zone 6a/5b… You may face problems that are not here. So consider that, you do have some plums, so you know what the trees are like.
Dapple Dandy grows well, it is a consistent producer. And is the easier tree. Flavor King is a smaller tree and has little vigor compared to most pluots or plums. It is a low producer, and fruit is not big. Some think it’s the best pluot or at least top 5. It has been producing steady for me, .just not high numbers. But I don’t get many late freezes. It is susceptible to late freezes. I only have a scaffold of these fruits. But I’m very familiar with them. Flavor King is inconsistent in areas with late freezes. I don’t know how well Dapple Dandy performs in these conditions? I think one of the reasons Zaiger made the other Dapples was because it has many nice features, it is good breeding stock. Fruit is very good too, at least i think so. The shelf life is unreal, Santa Rosa Pollinates both of these.

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Well if you dare to grow nectarines (really hard to grow because of insects and fungi)
I can suggest one that exactly fits your needs. It has acid, but not too much, just enough to enhance flavor. Sugar is high too, it is a white, but you can’t really tell it’s a white. Neighbors thought they were plums.
Arctic Glo Nectarine

If you want even more acid, well Indian Free Peach has ton’s!


Satsuma is the meatiest of those listed and excels for jam. Elephant heart has a good surgar/acid mix and is a plum worth having. I have always been underwhelmed by Burgundy, at least in my Western locale. You might also consider Red Ace and Methley.

I am one of those who really like it. It is less meaty than Satsuma, though.

So many plums out there, i have only tried Satsuma out of those mentioned. Hollywood plum also has red flesh. I just grafted one unto my trees this year. growing well, nice purple leaves too. I have been looking at yellows. They produce an interesting flavor. I have only tried Flavor Queen, and it’s great if you ask me. I could eat them all day. Subtle taste, almost tropical like. Low producer though! Shiro is a better producer but most say little of the flavor. Rather bland I guess? Said of Flavor Queen too, I have to try it sometime. I did add Vermont, Inca, and Lavina, all yellows with some red flush on skin or flesh.

Once again, great looking fruit. I had one nectarine tree in the past and had a heck of a time with leaf curl on it. I eventually pulled it out and swore off nectarines… but maybe after I get my skills up I’ll give them another try. I have had good luck with peaches though, and I’ve read that the Indian free is a special one.

It is interesting how red both your flavor king and Dapple dandy look on the inside. The pictures on the DWN site make them not look more amber with red highlights. Yours look much more appealing IMO.


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Drew, you may want to look into Golden Nectar. It is yellow-fleshed, with a bit of tropical flavor, and a very good plum, in my opinion.

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Yeah, I can’t explain that? My tree is from DWN. It was a 4 in 1 tree, made by DWN.

OK, on my list! Thanks! Yes, that is pure yellow, cool!

That’s 2 votes for Methley. I don’t have anything else that ripen that early, so it would extend my season by a couple of weeks as well. Thanks for the input!

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Dang Andrew! Do you have these on a spray program? The birds and squirrels leave them alone?


Netting and my dog. My dog even chases birds out, not sparrows, Robins, cardinals, bigger birds in general. He almost caught some squirrels, they are afraid now. He lays in waiting, often not knowing he is in the yard. They take one or two a year.
Spice Zee Nectaplum