Red Limbertwig

Limbertwigs! There is a lot of interest in these southern heritage varieties.
Red Limbertwig is thought to be the oldest and is a delicious dessert variety.
Some sources say Limbertwigs are similar in having “limber” twigs but I found that is not always the case. Similar in taste? Yes.

The lamented late Rev Henry Morton is credited with saving Limbertwigs from within the boundaries of Great Smokey National Park.

I ordered 2 or 3 varieties from him per year in the 1980’s and am now at 20 or so Limbertwigs.

Unfortunately once he passed away his collection was lost.


How many different varieties of Limbertwig do you have? Any favorite as far as taste? Any big difference as far as just general ease of growing?

Im just getting into my fruit tree adventures, so I’d always like to learn more from someone who has been there, done that.

I have several Limbertwig verietys in the nursery. A few of them fell to fireblight this summer. I cant recall wich ones. What is your experince with there disease resistance?

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I have 18 verified true to name and 3 others that I am waiting for them to fruit. My favorite is Kentucky Limbertwig followed by Red Limbertwig. No difference as far as care or growing.


The only fireblight issues I ever have, luckily, are with pears and I am extreme in cutting it out.