Red Splotches on Leaves

Can anyone identify what this red splotching is on my peach tree? Got it in October while still dormant and it’s just starting to leaf out. Doesnt look like peach leaf curl to me, and in my searches online I haven’t found anything similar yet, still digging.

Are the red spots crispy or does it feel normal?

If it feels normal maybe it’s some sort of pigmentation disorder. There are some red leaf peaches. Maybe it couldn’t decide to be a red leaf or green leaf peach. I never seen anything like this either.

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Nothing cripsy, just feels like normal leaf. There are some red speckles on some of the leaves as well.

I agree it doesn’t look like PLC since there’s no “curl”, and the color is off. This deeper red looks more like the natural burgundy color in some peach tree leaves.

One striking thing about the new leaves is it’s yellowness. I’ve never seen that either on peaches but I have on some inter-specific plums. It could be your peach has interesting genetics, what type of peach is it?

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Maybe we can ask @Olpea, peach expert.

Agree the yellowness is interesting. Hopefully that isnt some type of disease or deficiency. The other one I have of the same variety looks normal leafing out:

These specific trees are peppermint peach trees. Mostly ornamental

Interesting, the flowers are blotchy too, so maybe it is genetic. Are the two trees grafted or seedlings?

They are grafted

I’m not sure either. Potted culture can cause a lot of mysteries, which is why we don’t do it. Because the soil base is so small, relative to the plant/tree, so many things can happen.

I dont think the pot is the cluprit here. It’s quite large compared to the rootball that was planted… maybe if it had been in the pot for years and then this happened we could draw that conclusion? These will be going in the ground but I received them too late to plant last year. I will definitely continue to monitor and see if these characteristics stay true or simply faid away. I think itll be a beautiful tree if it stays like this and can remain healthy and happy of course.

Where did get the trees?

I ordered them from Shrubs and Tree’s Depot LLC. Im going to reach out and ask is this is a normal trait for the variety.

Happy with your order? I’m thinking about getting one too, it’s a beautiful tree.

I’d give them a 3.5/5. I ordered 4 and ended up getting 3. They responded immediately and refunded the fourth. All the trees had some scale - easily taken care of with a good neem oil drench it wasnt an infestation by any means. For me those things werent a big deal, but for others that may be a deal breaker. Four Winds Growers sells them as well. I didnt order but requested a picture of their trees and they happily sent one. They all looked really good plump and healthy from the photo anyway, couldnt see any pests. Their customer service alone makes me recommend. Good luck!

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