RedGold Nectarine brix heaven

I was going to post this in a previous topic, but the RedGold nectarines I’m harvesting now deserve more. Brix are in the 19-20 range and the size range is from small to large. To my palate- they couldn’t taste better. More than sweet enough to handle all the tang and something impossible to buy anywhere around here- even from farmer’s markets.

RedGold has been my standout nectarine most seasons since it came into productivity about 8 years ago, but this one it was farther ahead of other main-crop yellow nectarines than usual.

It was a tough year for nect productivity because spring rains caused split pits and cracked skin that led to early rot and lots of yellow jacket predation. Redgold produced much more and better nectarines than any other variety here.

Peaches coming in now are exceptionally good as well, but brix aren’t going to reach the heights of these nectarines.


You’re more than a month later than me. I purposely over
thinned my tree this year, still had an abundant crop, but
way too much brown spot. I wish I could keep this tree clean.
It BS more than any nectarine I grow.

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I bet they are amazing Alan! I can’t wait to produce something like that myself!

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Yes, I’m glad I’m not trying to grow them to sell. Most of the crop didn’t reach top quality because a touch of rot would start and yellow jackets would exploit it, and I keep them protected with Indar and Captan up to a month before harvest.

I’m having a similar problem with my highest quality peaches, although my Madison crop is mostly good.

Still, I’ve all the fruit I need and then plenty. My orchard is pretty big and at peak production with many of the trees.


I guess that’s the secret. Grow enough varieties so that, if
some of them don’t perform as expected, the others take
up the slack. You still have more fruit than you’ll ever need.
I find myself taking multiple bags of fruit to my myriad of doctors,
boy do I have doctors, sometimes with unexpected results. I
went to my oral surgeon 6 times last year, and he never charged
me a dime. My girlfriend and I see the same internist. Every time
we see him we get a twofer, and he only charges one of us.
You’d be surprised as to what a little kindness does.
I’ve even gotten thank you notes from office staffs.


Damn, there’s some advantages to southern culture!. I get gratitude, but never a break on my medical expenses. Well, maybe from ,my dentist, but no freebies.

Of course it could be the combination of the fruit AND your personal charm. :wink:


There’s an old Southern expression, " My mama didn’t raise no fool."

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Those weren’t my mama’s intentions. But parents can only do so much.


We do what we can with what we have. :slight_smile: :smiley: