Redgold Nectarine

For some reason this nectarine never gets mentioned on this forum,
or maybe I’m the only one that grows it. Every one seems to focus
on the DWN nects, but there are others that are just as good, and this
is one of them. Mine is grafted onto a Harvester peach and just one
graft has just about taken over the tree. It’s a vigorous bullet proof
grower, extremely healthy and pumps out base ball size free stone
fruit, that’s very firm and hangs on the tree well. Not overly sweet,
but has a good balance of sweet and acid. This is a winner in my book.


Any idea how cold-hardy it is?

Redgold was the first nectarine I grew way back in the 70s. I don’t remember anything about the fruit. But I haven’t grown it again so that should say something. But then with all the freezes in Amarillo it may be that I never tasted a fruit.

My most vivid memory of the tree is it covered in ice during a spring freeze. That was inside a shelter that I covered with carpet at 2am. Turned on the sprinkler underneath and awoke to a massive ice ball. It’s amazing I’m still coming back for more punishment, The fruit I saved from two freezes this spring was 90% lost to critters.

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