Redhaven Peach tree

I bought a Redhaven peach in mid April. It was starting to flower then some cold or really wet weather came in early May and killed off the flowers. It sat for another month and is now just starting to leaf out. I was told because it had a heavy dormant spray on it that was why it hadn’t moved.

Yes it’s growing now but I would expect the dormant spray to keep the flower buds tight and not to open too? I would appreciate any info on this issue. I’ve never grown peaches before so this is all new to me. The nectarine and apricot leafed out a few weeks ago.

Maybe try going to your favorite search engine and look up ‘dormant oil’ to see what It will and won’t accomplish.

Your post is actually insightful.
It helps me understand how some people on a religion forum come up with ideas
I’d never heard of before. :slight_smile:

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The dormant spray is typically oil and sometimes copper that is used to kill insects and some bacteria. It’s called dormant spray because it is applied when the tree is dormant. Tree flowering time is temperature dependent. Things get delayed with a new planted tree since the tree puts its energy into growing its roots.

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I understand what you are saying as far as the sprays that are used. It is still in the container I bought it in. I did some reading from Pat Welch. It almost sounds like the chill hours were messed up with it just now going into spring growth. OR they need “spring” to be 20C or higher.