Reed Avocado in Vista CA

Oh yeah we are close. I am in Diamond Bar. That year I think we hit 110 for me in the summer lol.

That one in Folsom had mainly Pinkerton and Fuerte. My friend grabbed the solo Mexicola Grande. I grabbed a Gem avocado from that company(LaVerne) for $55 at a local nursery but it was a 5g. Funny thing is nobody could say what rootstock it was on. I tried calling the company and the purchasing manager from the nursery tried for several weeks.

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In my opinion, Costco offers a few good things at low prices, such as roast chicken and avocado trees. However, they don’t carry any avocado varieties I’d like to have, including Reed, Gwen, Sharwill or Carmen, let alone rare ones. The only variety I like to buy from there is Hass. It is absolutely cheap. I saw they were selling Fuerte, Gem, Little Cado, and Zutano. Some people may be interested in those.

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Of course not.

That is likely the original cultivar, not the improved strains developed in the last 50 years.

Further, Hass in a produce market or restaurant is a grade of Avocado determined by the USDA and packing houses. There are at least 7 cultivars grown in CA that meet the Hass grade.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as an ‘improved strain’ of Hass. Good to know. I hope there is a visible difference in the avocados; otherwise, no one will be able to tell them apart. I know Gwen and Carmen are supposed to be improved Hass varieties, if I’m not mistaken. However, the most recently discovered variety by UC Riverside, called UCR Luna, is known to be an improved Hass.

@Richard I called Durling and they said they use seedling rootstock for their avocado trees. I found a nursery named Subtropica in Fallbrook, CA that sells avocados grafted on clonal rootstock. They are $45 a tree. I am not sure about the tree size for that price.

They sell: Hass, Reed, Edranol, Ettinger, Kona Sharwil, Sirprize, Bacon, Pinkerton, Zutano, Lamb Hass, Hass Rio, Fuerte, Gwen, Hellen, Nabal, Julia, Mexicola, Carmen Hass® and Gem®. They use the following rootstock: Day, Fairchild, Toro Canyon, Dusa® (Merensky 2), Tami, Miriam, Duke 7.

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Is Subtropica reselling Brokaw trees, or doing the grafting themselves?

@swincher Subtropica offers 19 varieties whereas Brokaw only offers 9. Based on that I would guess their trees are not from Brokaw. It is possible they are getting their trees somewhere else. I’ll ask when I stop by this weekend.

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EDIT: I just looked at their website, and it’s pretty clear they do their own cloning. Thank you for pointing us to them! I’ll be reaching out soon myself.