Regarding Raspberry pruning

I was wondering what you folks do with your raspberries, I recently just planted one late spring of this year, its Joan J, autumn bearing, it has one cane as of right now. Question is, do I cut that single cane back to the ground, or leave it be?

Depends on if you want a spring and summer/fall crop or just a summer/fall crop. According to some growers on here, cutting back the soon to be floricanes improves the amount of raspberries you get in the summer/fall since the plant will be using its energy towards creating additional primocanes. Makes sense to me but I’m all about increasing the length that my plants fruit so I don’t cut down the floricanes unless theyre diseased.

My plants are voracious feeders, they respond well to constant fertilizer. You can let the plants guide you; fruiting is taxing so mid season the leaves begin to yellow, you want to feed so they stay green.

This also affects next year growth; fully fed plants grow stronger and longer canes the next season.

Thanks Don i prefer an organic approach with acidic amendments, appreciate the information though!

Personally I use a lot of composted as well as diluted urea. A 5:1 dilution contains more nitrogen than miraclegro.