Reine des Reinettes and Rambour d 'Hiver

Does anyone know where I can find scion wood or trees of Reine des Reinettes and Rambour d 'Hiver? I would prefer the scion wood. I have already looked at Maple Valley and South Meadow. Also, I have found The King of the Pippins but it looks like a different apple to Reine des Reinettes when I google each apple. In fact the Orchard at Sage Hen Farm makes that distinction and I find it compelling. Thanks in advance!

One of our members here sells scion wood. I believe he has Reine des Reinettes. @derekamills

If you shoot an email to: he should get back to you with his complete scion list.

Not sure about the other one, sorry.

Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if there is a different name for Rambour d 'Hiver?

Thats the only name I know. If you can’t find it PM me in February.

If you go to the best tasting apples thread and look in the middle you will find a discussion on the genetics of RdR vs KoP. The TL;DR is that they are the same genetically, but some mixed-up ones and/or sports may be in circulation. I believe I have the correct RdR/KoP myself.

Thanks Scott! I will look.