Relationships of Pawpaw cultivars 11-13, Potomac, and Susquehanna

Although 11-13, Potomac, and Susquehanna all share the female parent BEF53, they apparently have different male parents and were possibly conceived in different years. The dates assigned to them are of plant selection, not propagation. In terms of measured genetic distance between 36 cultivars in 2003, Susquehanna has nearest neighbor Shenandoah (distance = 7), Potomac has nearest neighbor 2-10 (distance = 2), and 11-13 has nearest neighbor 3-21 (distance = 4).

Coupled analysis of Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) genetic markers and ancestry records


Doesn’t answer my question about hybridization of (11-13 x NC-1).
11-13, late ripening 4 fruit clusters, up to 4 weeks apart.
NC-1 early ripening.
They appear to be genetically distant & a good match for varietal improvement.
Your thoughts?

On the site you will find a complete list of bidirectional genetic distances (# marker mismatches) computed for the above article.

Here’s a little more detailed look at our happy trio and some of their nearby relatives, as measured by number of genetic marker mismatches.

The arrangement of cultivars in the graph is NOT intended to imply ancestry. Instead, the layout is designed for readability.