Renewing a Whiskey/Wine Barrel Bottom

I have a half whiskey barrel planter and am thinking about replacing the bottom,that rotted away.I probably should of had bricks underneath it,to begin with.
I was reading about the proper way to do it,by taking some hoops off but there are rivets and the rest of the thing is not in great shape.It could last a few years though.
Maybe cut a circle of plywood,a little larger than the bottom and pound it in from the top?

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There is a product (don’t remember what it is called. come in different sizes, mine are orange color) that can fit into various size pots to make the pot shallower and take less soil to fill it up. Depends on the shape of the pot, some sit in the middle of the pot (when I grow leafy veggies, I don’t need very deep pot), some sit in lower part of the pot towards the bottom. Maybe you can find a right size one just push down and fit near the bottom of the whisky barrel.

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Just set it on bricks on the ground and let the bricks be the bottom

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Your description reminded where this came from.When I bought it from someone,there was a plastic liner with a lip,that went over the top rim of the barrel and was about 6-8 inches deep,which I removed and am trying to grow Lingonberries in.A few different plants have occupied the barrel since then.

That’s a simple idea,that I like.

Maybe consider getting a new whiskey barrel? I just bought one from Lowes last year for about $50. I’m sure you can get a used one in decent condition for much less.

I’ve switched to different types of containers.At the time,it was an interesting idea and good price,but now too difficult to move around.

Brady, I found the picture of the product I mentioned. It is from Bloem Terra.

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Razing the bottom of the pot razes the perched water table causes root rt.

To me,it just makes a smaller pot out of a bigger one.Any container is going to have a perched water level.

I had a couple i bought long ago. Had trees in them. The bottoms did the same thing. I noticed that the tree had rooted right into the soft parts of the wood. I just ripped mine apart. They aren’t cheap anymore. I think back when i bought mine they were around $25. I wouldn’t use them again (just because of the cost). The cheap solution is to find some scrap/free wood and just cut the shape to fit the bottom and drill a few drain holes. Attaching it might require some sort of metal strapping. Might want to put some wheels on it so y ou can roll it around.

What about just putting a fabric pot inside the whiskey barrel or do you want to move it later?

That’s another idea,thanks Richard.It’s probably now,more like,trying to find a place for it,because I don’t want to move it very much.

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It’s what I would do I have used them for some of my moms whiskey barrels and other ceramic pots as she loves the look and they are more insulating than just fabric alone. You can still move fabric pots but it’s not as easy as they look to root in a bit

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