Report of 39 different single varietal hard apple ciders!


Very cool review of 39 different single varietal hard apple ciders! Fun read!

The test:

The results:


If I could give this 100 likes, I would. Looks like these folks are up in the Driftless region in WI or Madison area. Cool. So close-ish to me.


Yes, thanks for that link, awesome stuff!

Its not too surprising that the home-run apples are European cider apples (Yarlington Mill and Marin Onfroy). I wish I could grow those where I am.


Would like to have seen Goldrush and Kingston Black (which I’ve always heard may be the best single variety cider apple out there).


I haven’t clicked through all of the apples, but one thing that comes to mind is that they have a very Wisconsin (and Upper Midwest) attitude about their ratings. I suspect some of these are bad or at least not worth much, but you’d never know it because they don’t use really strong language against any of them. This is definitely something Coasters don’t get when immersed in Upper Midwestern culture (ha!).


Awesome link, thanks! I hope it can expand or be supplemented to include more of the apples more common in New England… maybe one of us enthusiasts up here should pick up the baton


Depends on the midwesterner; i am also from madison and rarely accused of an overabundance of kindness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: