Repotting a seedling avacado

My daughter and I grew an avocado out from seed and it’s growing well. Will likely just keep it as a house plant. It’s in a 6" pot right now and I’ll likely pot it up to a 10" for the next stage of its life cycle.

The original growing instructions said to plant the seed half way in the potting mix but not to bury it. Since its established would it be okay to cover the seed when I pot up and use some fine bark mulch to make it more attractive? What is the original reasoning for not burying the seed?

It should be okay to bury the seed, now. It will eventually shrivel up. You want it uncovered to start, so it doesn’t rot. It is what provides the seedling tree its initial nutrition. But, if you tree has a good, established root system, it would need the seed any longer. Bark is fine, just don’t bury the tree too deeply.

I wouldn’t bury the seed. In less than a year it will pop off from the seedling. Burying it could promote rot.

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Nice tree from seed :thumbsup: I am curious, how long it will take to bear fruit and how big it will grow?

Thanks. My understanding is that there are very low odds that it would ever produce fruit. If I planted it outside I think they can grow very large but my in tension the entire time was to grow it as a house plant and see what happens. It was just a little project I did with my daughter to teach her how things grow. When the initial sprout shot up I topped it at 6 inches to encourage compact bushes growth. I believe I could graft it with a known variety and get fruit fairly soon. I’d be willing to try that if I could find some scionwood.