Rescuing scions from downed tree


I just had one of my favorite apple trees fall over (Pink Pearl). I suspect it is from saw-fly damage but, that is a less time sensitive issue.

What is a pressing problem now is how to go about collecting scions and preparing them for grafting in the spring of 2020.

The whole tree is on the ground so, I’ll gather a bunch of scions.

Should I:

Store them in the refrigerator now and until spring?

Bring them indoors and keep them in water until the leaves drop off (Abscise), first?

Any input / help / suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance for your assitance!

-Munalos (Doug)

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This is what I did today.
Fall bud graft works great in many areas. I know your area will be cold soon. You’d better try. No lose.
If your tree falls all leaves and went in dormancy, you can cut some scions and wrap with wet paper towel to store in the refrigerator. The longer you store the scions, the more energy they lose. I had some leftover scions and tried grafting in summer. None of them took.
You can also buy a potted apple tree from local nursery and bud graft. Then bring it into warm area and wait the wound healed.
Hope those ideas can help you.


Just cut off the leaves and put in the fridge as if they were dormant scions. They should graft fine in the spring. You could try grafting now as well like Sophia mentions - if it fails no biggie, do it in spring.


If it’s a whole tree and your favorite, try a little bit of everything. You should have scion to spare after filling a refrigerator.


I was thinking of immersing in water and freezing. Bad idea?

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Like freezing the meat. :joy::joy::joy:

When I freeze the vegetables, I should cook or half cook. Otherwise it would be like overcooked when melted.

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