Restarting later tonight to hopefully fix email sending problem

Its looking like it might be difficult to get AOL etc to accept emails directly from this site so I am going to reconfigure the email later tonight to use a different outlet to send the emails. The site should be down for ten minutes while it rebuilds.


OK, the new emailing system is now in place and a test of it worked for me. Please let me know if you are not getting emails.

Also, if you don’t want all the notification emails the site sends you can turn it off in your preferences. The main reason why we really need email is for confirming accounts, otherwise spammers can easily make accounts and cause trouble.


If you were trying earlier this morning and could not get on, my cable modem was down so the site was not running.

If at some point there is enough activity here it can be moved to a reliable host pretty easily. But that would cost real $$ so we would all have to pass the hat. So, for now it will just go down every now and then (something like once a month on average).


Thanks Scott,

A few glitches are expected. I still can’t believe you put this together so quickly.


Not to seem like a da, but could you explain how to send an email? Is a PM the same thing as an email? Thanks

I mean the emails this site sends to your regular email box. The most important one is the account activation email. I think you may have not gotten it because it did not go through, I think I manually activated your account. By default the site also sends emails upon various events, for example if someone sends you a PM within this site you get an email notifying you that it came here.


Hi Scott. I never received the activation email. I sent you a private email asking this question (how do I get the blue private email box on my badge (info page). Can’t seem to do it. I also have aol which might be a problem? Thanks Mrs. G

Hi, I sent you a response using the PM system here. The little balloon in the upper right is where you see them. Please let me know if you get this one, if not I will post something.


Got it thanks so much! Mrs. g