Restricting raspberry roots to stay in containers

I have a few raspberries in grow bags. I noticed the roots have escaped into the soil below and sending out runners. I plan to dig these up and prune the roots - but for future anything I can do to prevent the roots from going back into the ground?


Landscape fabric?

The varieties are Josephine and BP1. Do they do well in containers? Wondering if double gold is a variety that will do well in containers?


“Plant roots in search of air and water can grow through the cloth, breaking the weed barrier.” a quote from

What causes roots to grow through pots and bags is when they have difficulty finding air, while there is a lot of moisture underneath the bag or pot. I would put the grow bags on something like concrete, like bricks, like cinder blocks, like gravel. So that there is more air and breathing underneath the grow bags.


Landscape fabric won’t stop the roots. I have plenty of experience that says roots run right thru it. You need something solid like plywood that the roots can’t penetrate. Or set them up on blocks, bricks, whatever to form an air gap.


Thank you! I’ll look this weekend for concrete or wood slabs to put under the pots.

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This should do it.

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i put a tarp on the floor of my greenhouse. keeps out weeds in there and prevents my plants from putting roots into the ground.


Really liking the idea of these blocks!!! I can put 2 next to each other and the pot on top, easy to look for and cut off any roots trying to grow out. Great price too. Thank you!!!

Roots are made to grow through the fabric pots but if you can put them on a plant dolly they will air prune and then you can move them if you are near concrete as well or gardening on your porch.


seen people put them on old pallets. can get them free anywhere.


:+1:Thank you!!!