Review of Cold Climate Grapes

Here’s a whole lot of information about grape varieties for cold climates. I found it interesting even though I live in a warm climate.


Seems to be all wine grapes?

A few table grapes too. Seedlessness is hard to breed.

I’ve been reviewing this very topic the last few days, and hadn’t come across this document. Thanks!

Here is some Canadian info and a couple Canadian varieties (Skookum, Roland)


Morden 9703 (can’t find any other info - hard to tell if marketing speak vs reality)

Cold climate growing tips

Other discussions with some awesome photos of vines protected in zone 2a

I am currently growing 6 of these grapes 3 of which are seedless table grapes. Thanks for this link, it has some good info.

Yes thanks for the link. I’ve read this bulletin before but I don’t tire of referring back to it on long winter days when I’m dreaming of summer. We have 10of the listed varieties in the ground and another 3 or 4 in cuttings I’m trying to get established. While our winters aren’t really so severe as to need hybrids ( -2 was as low as we registered this year but spring can be tough and some years winter comes all at once about Halloween) I like the general toughness of them. Of the ones we have, only Jupiter has proven to be a keeper, a very nice grape with a long harvest window. They are really delicious mid September but you can start picking usually by the first week of August. Most haven’t fruited yet, which is a problem for Reliance since the vine was planted at the same time as Jupiter( all well grown bare root from Double A). The vine wants to grow every which way and the couple clusters we’ve had were unremarkable, while Jupiter has cropped heavily the last 3 years. I pruned grapes last week and resisted the urge to dig it up and make room for something else but writing about it I think I’ve convinced myself to do just that. Catawba is pretty slow to get to bearing and kind of prone to powdery mildew but unless the mildew just goes crazy it’ll be safe, 'cause the back story just fascinates me. La Crescent is healthy and nice, looks like it should crop this year. Stueben is a pretty vine and I look forward to getting to taste it this year. Petite Ami, Chelois, Ravat 34, Marquette and Frontenac have all been healthy. Petit Ami really does seem kind of low vigor. Frontenac and Marquette haven’t been all that vigorous either but I didn’t buy them from DoubleA and they were challenged on arrival so maybe this year… All of this is in Salt Lake City your mileage may vary.
This guy has 6 years of crop records posted here, while he wasn’t looking primarily for cold hardiness there is quite a bit of of overlap from his list to the Iowa State catalog. His notes are also fun terse opinions that make fine reading in my estimation. Sadly, he abandoned the project due to personal issues but 6 years of accurate reporting is lots to glean from. Enjoy!

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