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So some seeds I ordered from Reimer Seeds did not germinate even though I used heated mats and all the care. (other brands of seeds germinated just fine) I contact them to report the problem and they sent me the below list. they want to know exactly what the temperature was and all :scream: so I told them to forget it I’m just going to take a loss and get my seeds from other vendors. below is the list so you know what you will be dealing with in case you buy seeds from them and they do not germinate.


Thank you for informing us of a problem you experienced.

Let’s try to see what went wrong.

We haven’t received any complaints on the item you said did not germinate.

We need some information on how you grew the seeds to help determine why you may have experienced a germination problem.

Hopefully we can figure out why you had poor result.

To find the Order Number, please log in to your account on our website.

Click the “Your Account” tab at the top of the home page.

All the orders you placed will be displayed.

Please answer all of the 10 questions below. It should only take a minute or two to answer the questions.

  1. What is the Order Number?

  2. Which item(s) are you having germination problems? (list them all)

  3. What date were the seeds planted?

  4. Please explain how you grew the seeds. (in plastic containers, in peat pots, outside in the ground, in hydroponic systems, etc.)

  5. What were the constant day time and night time temperatures (F) inside the house or inside the greenhouse (or outside if you planted directly in the ground)?

  6. How often did you water the seeds? (Did you water daily, every other day, did you keep the soil moist all the time?)

  7. Were the seeds planted in products like Jiffy pellets or plug trays)?

  8. Did you use plastic covers or lids or plastic growing domes?

  9. What brand of seed starting mix or potting soil did you use (be specific)?

  10. Were the seeds started in a greenhouse? :clown_face: :clown_face:

Update: I should have read their BB 1-star rating before purchasing! :cry:

Reimer has shipped problematic seed for years. I won’t buy anything from them.


I ordered collards and the plants were so off type and variable that they had clearly crossed with a kale several generations ago

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The name itself is enough warning!


The name sounds familiar but I am not sure where I have seen the name mentioned. Those questions are typical if trying to figure out what went wrong. I know when I was new to gardening I started peppers indoors like I do now but I now know given our indoor temperatures I need to get it extra time. My pepper seeds take a month to germinate because we keep our house between 65 and 68 degrees which is not optimal for pepper growing temperatures. Of course seed will not germinate if not moist but too moist and it dampens off. It was that what you wanted was a refund. I did that with Stark Bros on their 125% warranty. They sent me a a few bad trees and they kept telling me I could spray in the future but the reality is I just wanted their warranty. She eventually reluctantly gave it to me but these people like to drag things along and they like to say no as well. I bought a few blueberry and a few raspberry from Berries Unlimited. The raspberry came looking dead as a nail and the blueberry came looking close to dead and died soon after. Berries Unlimited claimed it was not their blueberries because it was too small to be theirs. That is when I learned a warranty is only as good as the nursery selling the plants.

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I planted 3 tomato varieties from them two weeks ago using a heat mat. One of the varieties, Jaune Flamme, has not germinated the other two did, I planted a few more seeds yesterday hoping this time they will germinate. I’ll post the results.

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I was planning on buying from Reimer but I didn’t. I sent an email asking for clarification regarding disease resistance codes and the guy responded with no answers. He obviously didn’t read it or just ignored my questions, so I told him to f off after a second email in which he still didn’t answer satisfactorily.

Looks like I dodged a bullet