Rhode Island Greening apple


It makes a nice hard cider too.


Ditto - both of them (RIG and Spitz) blight magnets of the worst order here in Md, couldn’t get rid of them fast enough.


Hambone… thanks for the warning. I hope I have better luck. A lady on this site was extremely kind and gifted me an RIG. She had good luck with this variety. Hope it does well for me also. I will definitely keep an extra eye on it.


I am not aware of any organic treatment that’s effective against monilinia. This fungus laughs at copper.


Oh, I just sprayed my Carmine Jewels with copper this week, as they have been failures so far. I’ve got all sorts of sprays in the basement that are old and need to be used up. Any suggestions what might help at this time of year, or will it have to wait until spring? I would buy sprays, then chicken out on using them, but now realize it is the only way I will get cherries on my 6’ tall bushes. I


Boy Stan! you are just full of bad news! :frowning_face: