Rhubarb as expensive as fruit trees?

So I’ve been looking to plant a Rhubarb plant for a long time now and have been searching local nurseries and big box stores with no luck. So I finally checked online and Stark bro’s sell it for $25 including shipping. That’s almost as expensive as a fruit tree from Lowes.
Does anybody know of a site that sells Rhubarb for less than that? Not interested in starting from seeds since it’ll take forever to harvest. Although if I did that when I started the search for plants I’d be harvesting from the plants started from seeds now.
Thank you.

They’re less expensive at Indiana Berry. Indiana Berry Online Store: Plants: Rhubarb
I’d imagine you could find one at a garden center for a reasonable price at this time of year, too.

They don’t ship anymore

check lowes. along with the discounted bulbs and plants 75% off.


I have an unnamed variety in a patch in my backyard. I’d happily send you a division if you paid shipping!

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That’s nice of you. Let me check out Lowes flower bulb area first like lordkiwi suggested. I was at lowes today and looked through the plant section but forgot about the bulbs. They might have it there.

Rhubarb turns up regularly at various community fundraiser-type garden sales around here; people often donate divisions to these sales. Perhaps even Craigslist.

I bought seeds of ‘Victoria’ and ‘Glaskins Perpetual’ from Baker Creek. They’re very easy to germinate and now I’ve got a little over 50 plants for a few dollars. They vary a little in stalk color but that’s no big deal.:slight_smile:

Speaking of rhubarb, I picked up 3 potted 2 gallon ‘Valentine’ one spring after I got notice from a bare-root supplier that my order on bare-root rhubarb would not be shipped as got killed by mold in cold storage.

The Valentine was great yielding and very tender. The big issue I had was that it got rhubarb rust to bad it defoliated and went dormant by August each year. A few
winters ago we got -18 for a week and that spring my rhubarb was very weak. I dug two out and replaced with #2 container Chipman’ Canada Red. Growing nicely and much more resistant to Rhubarb rust but I still get defoliated from rust by late August. I was also surprised by how much tougher Chipman’s is to cut up since I still have one Valentine left. Chipman’s cooks up fine but much firmer
to cut up than valentine.

I am amazed every year in late August as I drive thru small towns and see old homes with rhubarb still lush and green. Not sure what variety those old plants are but they never seem to have rust on the leaves like I constantly get.

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I have had the same problem. Once the leaves start dying it quickly depletes and the plant doesn’t return, or does so very weakly.


I thought rhubarb is a carefree perennial ??

Requires regular water in dry areas to extend harvest through summer. I can get a harvest on Labor Day here if I water weekly.


i have a old victoria cultivar from my fathers garden and 3 red varieties i bought online. the red varieties are super tender with huge stalks and came up thru the last ft. of snow this spring. they’re so sweet that i peel and eat them without sugar. don’t remember the name of the cultivar. think it was canada red. rhubarb grows like mad up here and never had disease issues. its a cold weather plant so i guess there better suited to maines environment. its the first vegetable/fruit we get up here in spring so its very welcome!


I just watched a show on You Tube about forced rhubarb. Apparently it is grown in the dark ( after 2 year in the field) and so becomes sweeter, beautifully coloured and is not tough. Looks like lots of work but I find it interesting that total darkness makes it sweeter.

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I’ve read about that but my red varieties are so tender and prolific i have no need to try it. that is interesting though.

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For quite a few years I’ve tried to grow it in Middle TN. It gets crown rot in the summer and dies. The longest they ever lasted was two years. Anyone this far south growing it? If so, what type and what techniques.

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we don’t hit 90 here very often but when we do the rhubarb wilts real bad . doesn’t like heat and excessive humidity. growth slows come july and august.

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I’ve tried it several times here, just north of the TN line… rarely lasts more than a year or two for me.
Don’t know if it’s still onlline, but the ‘Rhubarb Compendium’ had lots of info on growing/using rhubarb… they indicated that folks as far south as Tampa FL and Houston TX grew it from seed as a winter annual, with good success.
I had a friend (long-deceased) whose family had a green-stalked selection that they’d been growing here for decades. Don’t know if any of the family still has it, but I probably oughta check with the ones I know are still in the area.


I am looking for a source. But I believe there is a disease transmitted from wild and cultivated Burdock roots that’s deadly to rhubarb.

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Spring 2019 I planted rhubarb for the third time. For the third time it’s completely dead by fall. Not sure what’s killing them. This year I planted it in a raised bed with store bought soil mixed with sand thinking my original soil killed it the last two years. So I’m at lost as to what’s killing my rhubarb year after year. I’m trying to get one to like my yard since I love rhubarb pieces in my apple pies.