Richard's approach to indoor orchids

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Richard's approach to indoor orchids - Google Docs


Richard,thanks for providing such detailed orchid grow instruction. My orchids grow very well outdoor during summer, but very unhappy indoor during long winter,many died in root rot. It is very difficult to control the moisture level when orchids are not in active growing. I use orchid mix that I bought from orchids nursery, but thinking about go hydroponic which the roots can be observed a little better.

Thank you, Richard, for the detailed guide!

Just want to double check that you use the 2 kinds of fertilizer on weekly/monthly schedule regardless if your orchid is in bloom or not, correct?

It seems contradict the conventional wisdom of not fertilizing orchid when it’s in bloom, just want to double check.

Also you use the same size tree bark for all your different kind of orchid.

How often do you repot your orchid? When you purchase a new orchid, do you repot it after the bloom is over? How does your orchid react to the different medium?
(I presume the potting medium come with the purchased orchid (with finer roots) was much finer than your 1/4 tree bark)

Whatever/however you did it, the result is fantastic! I am green with envy😀

I abandoned nursery mixes for that reason.

Yes, 3 kinds. Notice the dosages are low.

Yes, the 1/4" size is important for drainage.

No, I repot it immediately as discussed in the document.

It takes a young plant about 5 years to out-grow a 2 gallon pot, then I upgrade the pot size. Otherwise I don’t repot.

The cured conifer orchid bark breaks down slowly, and when it does it exits the bottom of the pots as fiber. So instead of repotting I infrequently add more bark to the top.

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Thank you!

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Thanks for the info. Why do you line the trays with aluminum foil?

Mine are the type used in plug-tray nurseries – they have a mesh bottom.


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Orchid dogs :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this Richard. I have tried orchids before with no success. The directions said to water them once a week with one ice cube but gave no info on fertilizer etc.

I just came back from town, after reading this thread over my morning coffee, and I bought two disposable small orchids and they are now happily soaking as per your advice. I say disposable because I am prepared to loose them :persevere:

ETA I also potted them in 1/4 inch bark


Richard, I have been using the fertilizers on the schedule as stated in your document. Get very good results! I got blooms from Several species of orchid that haven’t been flowered for years !

However, 2-3 of them died soon after finished flowering. So now I am moving on to study the growing medium, thinking maybe that’s the the problem.

So my question is the orchid tree bark you use, are you using the brand of “sequoia” exclusively as shown in your document? Have you tried other brands? See Any difference?

I am not sure if I can find “sequoia “ in my local store.

Wow Richard! Beautiful orchids, great work! And your house and dogs are so pretty as well! Very impressice, and thank you so much for the orchid information.

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What’s important is the size and substance: 1/4" kiln dried fir bark.

Thanks! Most tree bark offered has a range in size: 1/8 -1/4” or 1/4 to 3/4”. Which one will you pick?

1/8" to 1/4". :slightly_smiling_face: