Ripe blackberries! 2023 crop

I did not stop to pick, but noticed a couple of ripe berries and several nearly ripe on the wild blackberry plant that matures very early fruit. Is anyone else about to pick ripe fruit?

Your way early. My wild blackberries are just losing the flower. They are like weeds here. If you want more I can send you a few hundred. Personally my taste go more to the wild black raspberry. Those things are rare, but great.

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Lost my prime ark freedom crop from a late frost, the sweetie pie and Poncas are starting to produce well. The birds and squirrels are getting more than their share I think.


I think I could set you up for 50 or more ‘free’ black raspberry plants…
(but you’d have to do the digging…from among other shrubbery in a 20 foot diameter raised bed).

No black raspberries ripe yet, certainly no blackberries.
(But I did pick 2 Patriot and one Brightwell blueberry…laid them up to ripen a bit more.)
The patriot from a potted plant, the Brightwell in-ground in a sandy full sun location.

Jeez. If only you were in France, I’d be packing my shovel into the trailer right now.

Theres a guy on the berry groups on FB that lives near Chattanooga TN and he is posting pics of all kinds of ripe raspberries and blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. I am a couple weeks behind him and i think my weather has been the fairest its been for spring.

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My illini hardy are turning red… they are normally ripe in qty mid June. They are a week or two ahead of wild blackberries here.

Right now getting lots of raspberries and blueberries.

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