Ripening dates for president plums

I have a two year old president plum tree that had one lone fruit this year. It’s been purple for awhile. When I checked on the tree today I noticed the fruit was on the ground with a hole in one side and some ants in it. I took a bite out of the good side, not expecting much since I thought it was at least a month away from ripening. To my surprise, it tasted near perfect. To me, it was everything I hope a Euro plum would taste like, and a decent size. Also it had a nice orange interior. Does anyone have experience with when these plums actually ripen for them? For reference, a veteran peach tree nearby has been ripe for a few days, which I think is a bit early also, but not by a month.

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Hi tom. Just checking in on your president plum. What Month does it ripen for you now?

Early October in Ohio which is very late for us, some years it doesn’t get quite fully ripe. I got lucky with the fruit in the previous post. Bug damaged fruit tends to ripen up right before it rots and if you catch it at just the right time has decent flavor. I don’t do this anymore after it made me pretty sick a few times, though.

Thanks for your response. I wonder what is the ripening time here in California for a 9B. How would you rate a ripe one 1-10? And do you recommend it?
I’m contemplating on grafting one because I want more late season variety.

I’d say it is an above average euro plum. I like them a lot. I can’t speak much about California ripening dates, but it is probably between Stanley and Coe’s Golden Drop if you have familiarity with those.

Thank you Tom. I appreciate your response!