Rising brix

Oh no, now see what FN has me doing. Not enough to taste the fruit, now I need a number to qualify it.

Well, the brix are starting to rise- maybe as night respiration lowers with cooler temps. I figure energy that would go into leaves and wood on warmer nights shuttles into the fruit instead. My Valor E. plums have just started getting really good with the last one I picked reaching almost 24. I finally harvested the last of my Flavor Grenades and they are reaching 20- about 4 points higher than any other J. plums I’ve graded.

Got to love those 20 somethings… :wink:

I haven’t even tasted Flavor Treat or Emerald Beaut yet. I’ll be hoping for 20 something but the Flavor Treats are kinda big so doubt they’ll be off the scale.

just tested an elephant heart that hit 17.5. earlier ripening fruit only made 16.