Road trip to Crow Mountain Orchard (North Alabama)

I purchased 1/2 bushel of Pink Lady and a smaller bag of Mutsu.

002 Pink Lady

IMG_20171027_120308 text plus


Looks like a fun trip. I visited a few north georgia orchards a couple weeks ago. Goldrush, at least the yellow ones, were mind blowing and by far the best apple i had out of probably 10 varieties i tried. Green ones were decent but not great. Unfortunately 95% were green. Pink lady were way under-ripe yet. I liked stayman a lot although they were close to getting mealy. They had great balance and kind of cidery. Crimson crisp were very good too. It was fun trying so many diffetent ones.


I bagged a few of the apples for my grands (Correction actual pick date was 20171027).

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Nice trip! That is one muscled-up Tin Man they’ve got there.


Nice pictures. I have been thinking about going myself. They have been selling Crow Mtn apples at 80 cents a pound at our local grocery. So far I’ve been eating their golden delicious, pink lady, mcintosh, and jonathan. All good. It ain’t fancy but the golden delicious are my favorites.


Crow Mountain Orchard didn’t have Goldrush. One of my daughters lives slightly northwest of Atlanta. I might make a road trip with the grands to those orchards in north Georgia. Which one did you get the Goldrush from?

BJ Reece has the GR. $17 for a half bushel. That seemed really cheap to me for over 20 lb of appes. They had no GR in 1/2 bushels but got me that size when I asked. Mercier orchard had none but said they like to let them ripen up good and woud have them in another week or two.

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