Robertson Navel Orange

Today I planted a Robertson Navel Orange purchased mail order from Four Winds Growers.


Dog shrunk? :smile: And what’s that box on the watering wand?

A section of cinder block to keep it from wandering.

Did the dog dig the hole?

Very nice. If i could grow anything, it would be citrus. Big fan. I just bought some big California navels the other day. Very good.

Do you have any palms that you grow?

When I bought the property in 2013 there were four 50’ high Washingtonias and one 80’ high cocoa palm which I had removed. I did have a potted Pindo Palm left over from my nursery operation but decided not to plant it due to limited space for other fruiting plants.

My father was born at a 100 acre Citrus farm on the SW corner of Texas & San Bernardino Ave. in Redlands CA. Their neighbor to the south was the family of a police officer, Mr. Robertson. One of the Washington Navel orange trees in Mr. Robertson’s grove grew an unusual branch that bore fruit in clusters (not a trait of standard Washington). My father’s grandfather’s cousin was the famous Citrus geneticist Howard Frost at the Riverside Citrus Research station. He took cuttings of that branch and began raising trees with this clustering trait. As a child I visited the original tree a few times before the property was developed into suburban homes. The propagations of that tree live on though and can be purchased from some Citrus retailers.

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Given the number of blossoms on this 2 ft tree, I see thinning in my future!

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