Rojo Brillante update

I just ate a tree-ripened R/B fruit and i must say that it is a excellent variety to grow. The tree is very productive, as a matter of fact too productive.
It is in the same quality as Hachia, very juicy and a heavy fruit with a perfect shape. I would regraft your none productive ones asap. Having several of these tree’s is ok with me.I just admire this tree everytimes i walk by.

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How hardy is RB?

James, i am in 6b or 7a which is not ideal zones for asian persimmon,but my tree’s been in the ground for 4 years maybe 5 and they do not had any dyback.
they are very healthy tree’s. My winter temps might go down to 4 or 5* below zero for a day or two. You will not be sorry with this one.

Is there a US source for Rojo Brillante, and if not would anyone care to trade or sell some cuttings. I have quite a few Persimmon and other fruit available for trade.


England Nurseries was where i bought mine for $40.00 plus shipping.You could also buy cuttings but i do not know if he still has them.
But if you are a nice guy i can send you some for postage sometimes at the end of januari. This fruit will replace most of my persimmon group, it is a stunner

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Here is a picture of one i just picked,they are much larger than say Sayo plus better tasting maybe not by much but juicier and way more productive.

Hi Bob,

That fruit does look good. I don’t see it listed on Cliff’s listings anymore. I know he lost many Kaki over the last couple winters. I hope I am a nice guy, but others better judge of that and would be glad to pay postage if you have some scion come January. I will message you.


As I am in 5b/6a, I am not sure it can survive the winter here. I will try out Tam Kam next year as it seems more cold hardy.

When the time comes shoot me a message. The size is simular to a Hachia but i think depending on the size tree i think it is a bit bigger.I have a bigger R/B tree that is growing fruits but it seems maturing at a later time,like somewhere in november.

Cliff lost it this last winter, he was going to send it to me but it was dead when he went to grab the wood.

I wouldn’t try it in 5b/6a since it didn’t make it for Cliff last winter. In 5b/6a you probably won’t have anything making it, American hybrids is probably the way to go if you are not covering them.

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