Romance series cherry propagation

How exactly are the Romance series cherries propagated? (This may be a horrible question)

Commercially probably tissue cultured. Or do you mean for us lowly mortals?

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they do sucker but ive had 2 out of a doz. cuttings just stuck in the ground root for me over summer… i plan to take cuttings this fall and stick them in my nursey bed over winter to see how many root. did that with honeyberry cuttings and all rooted.


Yeah :+1:

If you have a grown plant dig a big fat root. Be prepared to dig a lot, they run long and deep. Chop them into 6" lengths, pot them, keep them nice and moist. A big root can give you 20+ cuttings and unlike branches they have a much higher success rate.

I have 13 new Romeo’s from last year, potted about 15 more this year from another runaway root.


That’s nice :+1:

I have 2 Juliet from a thicker root about 8 inches long sent by a kind member here. I cut it in half, potted both and waited. Both have sprouted after a couple months.

I tried both horizontal and vertical placement and both worked.


Seedlings pop up all the time for me. The one seedling that I left alone bears fruit indistinguishable from the parent.

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Gene are you sure they aren’t root suckers making new sprouts from the mother plant?

Yes, they´re seedlings, not suckers. They are heavy producers, and I´m quite casual in my harvesting and in my mowing, so seedlings are common here. The local village library is having a plant swap this Saturday, I´ll probably pot up some to take. Drop by if you like :slight_smile:

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To paraphrase; suckers gonna sucker. Apparently plants propagated from suckers are more prone to sucker themselves.

Which is fine by me as this is how I propagate these darn cherries.


Well my small wowza here has like 10 suckers growing within 6 inches from the main trunk so…

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tissue culture: Tarts with a touch of romance | Good Fruit Grower

as far as I can tell the tissue culture protocol hasn’t been published and might be a trade secret in order to help their licensed growers

my guess is they’d also root as semi hardwood under timed mist, I’m going to try this summer

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Pretty much it is safe to assume that tissue culture protocols are trade secrets. The companies that develop them don’t have anything to gain from sharing their bread and butter.

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with honeyberryUSAs prices + shipping thats $1140 in free trees! id say its worthwhile to dig a few roots. if i had more room for them id do it. i have 6 sour cherries and 2 nanking. i dont think i need more. if i got some land i might be inclined to sacrifice 1 to start a orchard.

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Probably a lot more if roots are divided further.

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i can imagine if i took my tractor and dug up a 15ft. area around where the tree was and 3-4ft down you might be able to get many hundreds of new trees out of that.

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I ordered a bigger carmine jewel from HBUSA and montmorency from another company, I don’t think I’ll have room for more trees but it’s good to know if I cut a root it’d give me more trees

I got 13 from last year (Romeo).

Two are sub standard, anemic growth and are probably better off put out of their misery. Bushes like these never seem to really catch up and is not like these plants are not slow as it is.

Two I will plant.

The rest I will sell in order to pay for my always expanding plant habit. Dirt alone was $30, plus $125 already spend on plants, plus a bunch more plants I want, plus all the other stuff, yada-yada-yada… It takes money to spend money.