Root Knot Nematodes

I had a modified laundry basket full of Basil and one Parsley plant in Pro Mix. The basil is gone, and when I dug up the parsley, the roots were gnarled and warty. I didn’t take a pic and that was a few days ago, but I’m sure it was RKN.

I had intended on reusing the pro mix, but I don’t want to give RKN to my healthy plants. That said, pro mix is a valuable commodity to me, I can’t afford to let it go to waste. Can I just pour a few pots of boiling water over it and consider it cleansed?


I think the better option for sterilizing potting mix is to bake batches in the oven in the largest oven dish you have. Can use a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temperature reaches sterilization temperatures.

Boiling water poured over it will not uniformly heat the soil.


stove top in a covered top at low heat for a longer time than high heat for shorter time. You can also dry it out in pans before heating it.


The oven would be more practical for me than the stove top. ¿Is the stove preferable over the oven?

I need to get my hands on a meat thermometer.


Dont stink up the inside of your house cooking that dirt. It is valuable but get a cheap tinfoil pan or one you dont care about and cook it on a campfire or over the bbq grill. The reason i know it stinks up your house is because i have done it. It kills everything good and bad in the mix.


It is a rather large batch… it’d probably take me several batches over a couple of days, in the oven. How long do I cook it in a grill? And how do I set up the fire? I’ve never actually grilled anything in my life. :sweat_smile:

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Per UC ANR, 5 minutes with a soil temp above 130 or 30 at 125+ is all you need. It seems like this is a general prescription for all Meloidigyne species though perhaps it varies.

Given your location, I think laying it in a thin layer on pavement and covering with a clear plastic sheet (e.g. 0.4mm plastic sheets for painting) on a hot sunny day would do the trick if you have a spot.


I like this one, I think I’ll go with that. Thank you!