Root stock and citrus trees

Almost all of my citrus trees (grapefruit, meyer lemon, thornless key lime and kumquat)were wiped out by the February cold freeze in Texas. All of the trees were ten years of age and still show no sign of life, so they’re still maybe quite dead. I have 8 orange trees ( moro. Hamlin, Washington navel)that have some growth on them, but the growth is low down with quite a bit below the graft lines. These trees, like the other citrus are around 4 feet high. So should I cut the trees down to an inch above the new growth some of which is about an inch above the graft line, or leave the old tree there in hope that new growth might appear later in the summer. And just this evening I found a new growth on a previously dead meyer lemon, but it is below the graft line…in short, can anything good come from root stock if the top of the grafted tree seems to be dead?

Dead top = no tree worth growing. rot stock is worthless.

Cut until the trunk is green. I banked mine and 18 of 20 are alive Here in Fort Bend county. CitrusFreeze - mrtexascitrus