Rooted cuttings 2023

I rooted whole bunch of cuttings. Here are the results:

IE mulberry:

Bud9 apple rootstock

Marianna plum rootstock

There are more pear rootstocks still in the process of rooting

A lot more rooted cuttings had rotten roots due to the rooting soil is too wet.


Can you talk a bit about your method(s)?

Quite a few things that are a pain in the arse to root from cuttings and even air layering happily push up from roots. Romance series cherries are like that, I got about fourteen saplings to take from one root that was sending saplings a distance from Mom.

As a matter of fact there is another this year. I won’t even bother with the sapling coming up, when they already have a green top it can take another season before they are strong enough to support said green top. Sprouting from roots give you a balanced sapling that is not shocked by having a molested root trying to support existing greenery.


I’ll second that motion. Very interesting topic Have you tried rooting any other Prunus sp., i.e. Citation?


I just tried to root the cuttings that I have on hand. The apple rootstock cuttings was the top portion I cut off when I did my apple grafting. I just push it too the rooting soil. I didn’t expect it to take roots.

I used the perlite and peat moss mix as rooting soil, with a heating mat. Some cuttings treated with rooting hormone and some didn’t. It takes about 5 weeks to see the roots.


Looks like this is about rooting cuttings, not “root cuttings.” :slight_smile:


I thought it was about rooting root cuttings from cuttings of roots he rooted?


ha yes…some of us are planting root cuttings now (brambles).

A better title would be Rooted Hardwood or Softwood Cutting Success.

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Some people above who did not read my post. The first sentence I said I rooted whole bunch of cuttings. It is you guy misunderstood my shared info. I don’t appreciate you guys attack. I want a apology. Or, I will look at you guys post and do the same

Who’s attacking you?

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Next time you guys post something,I will go through the title and the content, and find something in your post. You guys post will be fine screened.

My title is perfect fine, "root " can be a verb. I can’t help your guys read the “root” as a none.


nice cuttings.

the roots on that mulberry are really nicely developed!

Seems like you used peat/perlite mix.

Have you tried coco choir? i slightly prefer that over peat. I get less root rot with it.


Not yet. I like coco choir too, so easy to wet and stays fluffy. But I didn’t have it on hand. I bought few big bags of perlite last fall when it was in sale for 1/10 of its regular price. So perlite is my major material mixing in potting soil or rooting soil this year.
Another material I like and does well in rooting cuttings is vermicelli.


I actually had hoped this post was about root cuttings since often when I search for info on root cuttings it’s hard to find among the many results about rooting cuttings. I did not mean to make you feel attacked.

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Johanna, thank you, I understand.
We each have different windows looking at things and interpreted / express things according our needs or witin own windows. English plays tricks too.

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yea Vermiculite is nice to. although it holds a lot of moisture. i like perlite for aeration, and Vermiculite for seed starting layer on top.

What method did you use?

Heating mat in garage . Keep the air cool, soil warm

I meant the specific rooting medium and the temps?

I have extra apple scions, I should try this.