Rooted/Leafed Out Fig Cutting Question

So I have a fig cutting that rooted nicely and then leafed out about two weeks ago. Now the leaves are starting to go limp. any reason why this might be or what I can do to fix it? Thanks

Probably either rotted roots from being too wet or the media is too dried out.

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Wilting most likely reason is over watering and then root rot at the bottom of the cutting. If you post a picture that will help a lot too. Some time if you provide more humidity it may survive but my cuttings never recover after wilting.

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There is a chance the roots are concentrated in one area and dried the potting mix in that spot out, while the container still has weight and moist mix on top so it is not obvious. It would recover if that is the case.

Sometimes a cutting with bottom rot can recover if roots above the rot develop in time, the old “tossed it out in the compost pile and it grew” scenario.

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Thanks for the words of hope. I’ll keep them on a heat mat under lights and see how it goes.

Sorry to hear about your trouble Steven, do you have a pic?

Here’s a picture of the root system and the top growth. The roots on this one look like they’re still actively growing, but the leaves are limp and floppy. The other plant doesn’t look as bad but doesn’t look very good either. I just gave the other one a very tiny amount of liquid fertilizer to see if that will help.

Do either of them have buds?

Do you mean buds that haven’t pushed growth yet? If so, one does. The other was from a cutting with a single bud.

Yes that is what I meant, does the un-open bud look healthy?

Hard to say. I feel like there wouldn’t be enough stored energy to send out roots and new growth.

When this happens I usually prune the leaves off to give more energy to the roots. The longer you take to cut the leaves that are going to die and fall off anyway the worst it is.

Has these cuttings has a climate change of any sort right before this happened? Different lighting, humidity, temperature, or airflow?

.Oh and leave the buds on. They’d stay there until the plant has enough strength.

It may need some humidity. You can take another clear plastic cup and cover the top.


Those roots are fine, you don’t need heat anymore. That cutting is not that bad at all. It’s far from dead, it should be fine, It looks stressed, but not that stressed. Those leaves could recover too, it won’t hurt to cut them off though.Otherwise As soon as it appears to be growing give it a diluted feeding, not full strength, 1/3 to 1/2. It’s at the stage it needs to be fed. But feeding while under stress is dangerous. I’m not sure what went wrong, but at this stage it is salvageable.
Don’t over water. I have a hell of a time getting this right myself.

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It looks like the cutting was planted deep, that can cause problems because the bottom of the container does not drain well. Some more holes near the bottom might help if that is the case.

I think this may be the issue, it looks like you went from high humidity to no humidity. I would prune off the wilted leaves and add more drainage holes at the bottom of the cup. If you had it in a high humidity environment put it back until you can acclimate it.

I started wrapping cuttings in parafilm, and just rooted them in low humidity. It’s working great, a lot easier, and less steps to go through. I have lost cuttings by not acclimating them right. i don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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