Rooting Apple Cuttings (own root cloning )

I have some Ashmead’s Kernel scions in the fridge drawer in a plastic bag that are callousing. Any suggestions for getting them to root (ie. growing the AK tree on its own root.) ???

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I think if they’re actually callusing, you’re most of the way there. That being said, I’ve had some plant material callus and even start initiating roots, only to abort a few weeks or months later.

Yes JC, that’s why I’m asking…I’ve had same issue…

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You could try grafting a small piece of nurse root on each one, to be removed at a later date. Here’s an example from The Grafter’s Handbook


I’ve heard of a few varieties of apples that will root.
One being Appletown Wonder…which I’d like to try a few cuttings if anyone has that one.

Have tried with almost zero success to root B-9 cuttings. The buds break and grow, but the root forming never happens and they die.

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Each spring I have to collect my apple pruning from under each tree to prevent them from rooting. When I miss some, I discover later they are rooting just laying on top of the ground. This suggests that all you really need to do it create a “stool” by covering your scion with a thin layer of soil about 1” or mulch to keep them moist until the buds begin to grow. You could possibly prepare each by scrapping the bark lightly between buds and applying some rooting hormone to increase the rooting potential, but it may not be necessary since the area near the buds is already very capable of sending out roots. I have done this with the ends of Lotus persimmon rootstocks that I purchased for whip & tongue grafting, rather than just wasting them. Within only about 3 weeks in my greenhouse, I had new growth to produce new Lotus rootstocks. Suggest reading about Stooling online before you prepare yours.
Kent, wa


I’ve done some of those things…what I’ve not tried is using the “Under mist” technique.

What apples root callus and well, so eventually they could be own-root? I wondered as I found callus forming on some of my apple scion.

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