Rooting Fig Cuttings in the Summer using the “Traditional Method” - video

I usually root cuttings in late winter and in the spring. Trying to root cuttings inside, with the high temperatures of early summer, gets a bit more complicated, as i have to leave the cuttings unattended for long periods and they dry out or i have mold issues.

But, this year, after several batches of rooting indoors, i still had lots of cuttings in the fridge (i really got to ease down on my trades with friends). So i decided to adapt the traditional method of rooting figs (which is usually done in late winter), so the cuttings could resist the rising temperatures of early summer when rooting outside.

In view of the very good results, even with cuttings that were reaching the limit (being in the fridge for several months), I will be using this method in the future whenever i need to root cuttings at a later date.

Here’s a video on the method i used, just in case its useful for other forum members.