Rooting hormone or not?

I’m going to propagate some cuttings today of my VDB and Bifara figs. A previous batch I tried a few weeks ago all failed. In the past I had never used rooting hormone and had pretty good success, but this failed batch was the only time I had used rooting hormone. Should I use the rooting hormone today? What’s your experience using this (or not) with fig cuttings? The medium I’m using is potting soil mixed with extra perlite.

Also will be trying to propagate Fuyu persimmon again via cuttings. I have tried cuttings with and without rooting hormone, and air layering. All failures. Currently trying tip/stem layering (started three weeks ago), but I’m not holding my breath…

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I say do the opposite of last time, don’t use root hormone anymore.
I use root hormone and mine are still alive. But I don’t use them when I graft.

Persimmons are Ebenaceae and will not root from cuttings. Grafting to rootstock or compatible tree is required.

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Dang! Guess I’m going to have start a seedling then graft. Guess I’ll just focus on the figs for today.

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buy a seedling rootstock and you can jump ahead 3 years, use search function to find nurseries for rootstock.