Rooting magnolia cuttings (and overwintering)

I am considering rooting some Magnolia grandiflora from cuttings. I’m reading the recommendations in “The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation” (Dirr/Heuser). Timing is a bit late, but not out of the question (suggestions that cuttings as late as November can be rooted), but here’s what the text doesn’t say – how do you overwinter them? By the time I have a rooted cutting, it’s going to be the dead of winter. I presume a newly rooted cutting (especially having been in a nice, cozy bottom heat situation) isn’t going to take well to being plunged outside in the winter cold…but, I don’t have a greenhouse.

I assume my home is too warm, dry, and not bright enough to overwinter them, am I right? Plus – then getting them acclimated to going back out in the spring seems problematic. Any thoughts?

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