Rootstock failure

I planted 5 G890 roots last fall to be a root stock for this year grafting. They all were grafted before at the old place, but had to be cut down due to FB. I found today that one of them, that was cut bellow graft union didn’t survive the winter. Now I have 5 scions to graft and 4 root stocks. I just checked - I can’t find G890 for sale now. The reason I want G890 is the espalier. I had one on this root stock before and it made perfect espaliered apple. So what other root stock will be suitable for espalier? I don’t want to loose scion I have and a year as well…

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Depending on the scion variety, i would suggest g969. I dont have any expierence with weak graft unions with g969, and ive switched from grafting on g890 to g969. Its just a little less vigorous, and gives a tree about 40-50% standard.