Rootstock Propagation by Cuttings

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Do you have a winter propagation bin set up? I would like to see it. I have been thinking about building one. I’m thinking an old deep freeze could be easily modified to build a ghetto version.

I would try to find some peach varieties that do well on there own roots and skip the grafting if they could be easily rooted.

No, I don’t have it set up yet. I’m not going to take cuttings until probably February or March. In the past I have used one of our heat mats for keeping little piglets warm as bottom heat and old aquariums with sand substrate as growing medium. It was incredibly crude because I used plexiglass on top with rocks to hold it down and my hand held sprayer as a mister. Took a lot of time out of my day to keep it misted perfectly so I have been wanting to put in an automatic mister. I have an old shelf from a supermarket that has hoses and sprayers tacked onto it that must have been used for keeping vegetables fresh back in the old days. I could put a misting system on it easily enough. Wrap some plastic around it to keep in humidity and moisture and it would probably be a decent little system.

I was also thinking of burying bundles of cuttings and waiting until spring and then just put them in the ground covered with plastic. I had a PDF on this that went into some great detail but I’ve misplaced it somewhere it seems.

sour cherry cuttings i callused over bottom heat in my cool garage last winter.


Any of them make it?