Rootstock question

if i cut a thick piece of root of ,say from a peach tree will that piece of root grow and make a shoot and would it be considder as the same cind of rootstock as the one i’ve cut it from


The only no might be whether or not it will sprout a shoot. Some fruits will and some won’t. Peach I think it’s questionable. I don’t remember root sprouts from peach.

Can you get a root sprout from apricot? The tree has never suckered.

Not that I’ve seen but there are many apricot rootstocks. So some might well sprout.

I have a 25 year old apricot that has been an excellent tree. I have lost only two times in its 20 years of production. I think it is a Moorepark but I’m not sure. It topped out at about 15 feet so the rootstock has some dwarfing influence. I want to replicate the tree rootstock and all. I have never grafted scion directly to a piece of root. Any tips.