Rose of sharon

This may be a stretch for general gardening but here is a photo of my hedge I planted last year. They are really putting out the flowers now and seem to be handling the short height I have cut them back to very well


Not a stretch. You can eat the flowers.

Good point , I have read that but I have not tried one. I will have to tast one and give you my thoughts

Jason, I’ve never seen them grown as a hedge before. That looks very nice!

I don’t know why you’d think that accomplishment would be a stretch for the category of General Gardening. Scott’s description for this designation is, “If you want to discuss general gardening topics not necessarily related to fruit and nut growing, this is the place. Flowers, vegetables, non-fruit trees, and landscaping are all good topics” This is about flowers and landscaping. So, you selected the category well. :slight_smile:

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You can? How? I have a huge rose of Sharon, would love to Know how.

You put 'em in your mouth! (The flower petals).


I tasted several blossom as I walked down my hedge today. The texture was very close to garden leaf lettuce but just a bit softer. Very mild taste, no bitterness. I think it would make a colorful addition to any salad even if it doesn’t add much flavor.

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I ate a few of mine and they did not taste like anything bad or good. Earlier I ate aronia’s so that might be the equivalent of trying to taste a subtle flavor after rinsing your mouth with grain alcohol. Aronia’s are anything but subtle.


The rose of Sharon hedge is really cranking out the blooms this year.


Looks beautiful!