Rosemary Plum

Harvested my first Rosemary plum from a scion obtained from Bob Purvis. Here is the description from Bob’s website:

Rosemary (J): Tree is upright, productive, later blooming, severely injured at -29F in SW Minnesota. Pollen quality is questionable, but fruit is outstanding: large, reddish black freestone, sweet plums that ripen in early-mid September in Idaho and keep well for 7-9 weeks.

Strikingly similar in appearance to Flavor King. In the picture below, Flavor King is on the left and Rosemary is on the right:

This one may have ripened up a little early due to the split pit. Brix was 19. Very tasty for an Asian plum, but does not have the exotic flavor of Flavor King.


That looks good. If you have extra scion maybe i could trade some with you. I want to try it here in Northern California Zone 9a.

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