Roses are safe from Japanese beetles

Sevin dusts safe my roses from JBs.



Good job, Tony, your roses look lovely. Mine are the worst they’ve been - not enough water. But fortunately, I don’t have to do battle with the dreaded JB!

Nice roses tony. I grafted some verities that my grandpa planted at the city park before he passed to a rootstock in the yard a few weeks ago. Glad to see some have taken. Roses are like fruit trees getting there is half the fun.

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Nice going. I did some rose grafts on some of the bushes.


i cut a slow JB in half today trying to hide in a Queen Elizabeth flower bud, the half with the head was still moving after. :scream:

Tony great looking roses! How do you do with hybrid Teas? Are most of your roses floribundas?


I bought two Rainbow of Roses Collections from Gurney’s (each collection contains 5 different roses) . I think they are hybrid Teas. They look and smell so GOOD!. It was on sale for $19.99 from a $149 original price. What a deal I thought. Each fall, I cut them down to a foot in height and then dump a pile of wood mulch on each bush to cover the whole bush. I uncovered them in late March or early April depends on the weather and re-bagged the wood mulch for later use in the Fall again.


Tony, that is so strange. I have several rose bushes. They are easy elegance and drift series. They are in full bloom right now. I do not see a single beetle on them. All the beetles seems to prefer to be on the new growth on the fruit plants. May it be because my roses do not smell at all?

Isn’t the fragrance heavenly? My rose garden had just been dead-headed, so I’ll have another great bloom end of Aug. beginning of Sept. Looks like you have a few florabundas in your mix. They are all beautiful to me.


My fruit trees started out without any JBs. About 5 years ago when my plum and persimmon trees getting bigger then they showed up. From there on was a annual thing around Mid to Late June. Milky spores and Sevin work best on them. I hope you don’t get them.


Tony, I have them and I used milky spore this spring. I just meant that they preferred to sit elsewhere, but not on the flowering rose bushes. On the other hand when I went to Lowes I saw rosebushes on display teaming with JB. I know that JB are attracted by fruity and flowery fragrance, and I am thinking that the roses that do not have any fragrance, like mine, are probably not so infested with them. If so I will postpone buying fragrant roses, although I really like them.