Roses in orchard


With those petal counts I assume that they are David Austin?




My wife has several DA rose and wants to know what the one is in the last pic.

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The last rose is Wonder stripe’: thanks!


Unknown rose I transplanted from my late granddad’s place in PA. I call it Orville, named after him. Fragrant tea rose. Velvety red petals. He grew it at his front door for at least 40 years before I moved it.


It looks like Blaze

Is it a climber? @mrsg47 may be right. Blaze is old enough (introduced in 1932) and was popular.

I don’t think it is Blaze. It is not a climber. The roses go from crimson red to a darker velvety red as they mature. In the sun, the scent is fairly strong.

I don’t know what it is, but am glad to have it. Every year it brings back memories.


Mrs. G.,
This is my favorite Buck rose, Prairie Sunrise. It looks like David Austin roses. It is a compact bush, beautiful form, blooming all season and has a good degree of black spot resistance.


One of my very favorite colors! It’s lovely!

Sweet baby rose fragrance?


Very mild fragrance. That’s the only downside. However, this is one winter hardy rose. SIt’s bred by Dr. Griffith Buck of Iowa State. His roses were field -tested with the midwest harsh winter. Much winter hardier than Davis Austin roses. This one is compact, grown to about three feet tall.

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My Austin’s are all quite hardy, my problem with his roses is that the heads are so large and heavily petaled (which Rosarians love, however), the stems are thin and cannot hold the heads up; they droop. :slightly_frowning_face:

Only a few DA roses that hardy to zone 5. You ar in zone 7. Most roses would do well.

Last fall I was busy and did not mulch any of my roses. My Abraham Darby, an DA rose, which is a one of the hardy ones, died to the ground this spring. A few canes have sprouted.

Praise Sunrise shrugged off New England weather. Has almost no died back. It is in bloom right now.

Too bad that is a beauty!

So busy with fruit trees. I walked by my front yard and realize that roses are in bloom blooms, even a bit past blooms. I only keep acfew varieties that are reliable for me.
Julia Child


Double Delight and Prairie Sunrise


Love them all!

This years pics of the rose garden in my orchard.


Mine were all passed peak. At 90+ degrees today. Both the roses and their owners are wilting