Roses in orchard

Sue, then I have to agree with Mamuang, your choices are limited. What I have found most exciting, more than roses is in a cold climate growing citrus! Worth a shot if you have a greenhouse. You Are way ahead of me!

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I found it. Go to the search page, select zone 3 and then press search. It will return 5 pages of results.


I am the opposite. My first love was roses. I started with rose craze several years before growing fruit trees. I used to read Gardenweb, rose forum religiously and did not even check Fruit and Orchard forum.

Then I started my orchard and it has become my obsession since. No time for roses. I have only 6 varieties left.

If you like a yellow rose, you should consider growing Julia Child in a pot. It is a blooming machine from spring to fall. Blooms have different shades of yellow depending on stages of blooms. Very lovely.

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Julia Child rose, AKA:
‘Absolutely Fabulous’
‘Anisade’ ®
‘Jiřina Bohdalová’
‘SASOL Rose’ (South Africa)
‘Soul Mate’

Hardy USDA zone 6b through 9b.

Searching through the Hortico catalog for USDA zone 3 yellow roses I found:

Bill Reid
Floribunda Rose
Hardy to Zone 3, Height:2ft.
Yellow single blooms (up to 10 petals); Average diameter 3.5" blooms are clustered form.

Hybrid Tea
Hardy to Zone 2, Disease Resistant, ContinuousBloomer, GoodBedding
Yellow semi-double to double blooms (up to 15 petals) have rosy-pink edges

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My roses sure
Like this 90s degrees weather.


I don’t know the names of most of the roses we have, and this one isn’t even my favorite one, but this picture is the best picture I’ve ever taken of a rose.


Mine have just started.


I grow a few climbers. They are very good. I specifically selected 3 roses with fragrances. High society, America and ZD. personally I love High Society. The fragrance is so sweet and flowers are so big. I also like America. Very beautiful apricot color. ZD is not doing well here. The growth pattern is really messy but the smell is enchanting. I will probably replace it with something else, probably Eden. But I prefer a climber with strong fragrance and huge flowers. Any good climbers fit my criteria?

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The second bloom already. I have only 2 red roses that I have and enjoy them very much.


How big is your pot? I used to grow David Austin’s Dark Lady, pretty but quite sharp thorns.

Pot is 18” wide x 14” high.

David Austin ‘s the Pilgrim, a fabulous yellow rose. Great fragrance.

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Awesome! I checked online. Very nice flowers. Thank you for sharing!

I am looking for a perfect yellow rose to match my two perfect red roses.
Maybe some day I find a cutting. I am nursing the other perfect red rose that has been chewed up by one of my friendly amigo’s.

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What are the quality of your “perfect yellow roses”?

Tippy, you mention D/A Graham Thomas, haven’t been really looking for it, staying home more. Lot of stuff to do in and out the house.

My family and I started renting a place last September that came with some old, regal and neglected looking rose bushes. I tried to prune them to open them up a bit with mostly good results. No clue on type/variety, my rose knowledge is very limited.


This rose was a deep blue purple, named Rhapsody in Blue. I found it in England in a friends garden and tracked it down to a grower in the US . Sorry about the weed in the center of the bush. A fabulous constant blooming floribunda.

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I am in dire need of different colors of plumeria sions to graft on my plant/tree. It has a pink or red grafted already, need 2 more colors.
I,ll trade.

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