Round up on the cut of a vine?


I have a couple vines (1/2" diameter) going up and through a small shrub. They are completely intertwined and woven through a lot of the shrub. The shrub is starting to leaf out but the vine is still dormant.

If I cut the vines near the ground and then applied RoundUp to the cut ends, would that kill the vine or does it have to be applied to green leaves to be effective?



Roundup (Glyphosate) appears to be listed as working with this method:


Depends on the species. Usually Glyphosate works best applied that way late in the season. There are better herbicides for cut stump application on woody plants, such as triclopyr.
In your case though, why not simply uproot such small vines?


Thanks! I can try that, but they are pretty deep under the shrub and it very hard to penetrate.

I was also thinking it would like other vines I’ve dealt with that seem to go down to the center of the earth!


Well, I’d use 2-4d or Crossbow instead of Rounup……but


Thanks BB -
I’m not familiar with either. Why would you use them instead of Roundup?


Roundup (Glyphosate) works wonderful on GRASS. Not so much on vines and shrubbery and trees.


Shrubs, trees, something more “woody”, I’d use Triclopyr. Last I bought was Bayer Brush Killer Plus. Not that I pay any attention to a “brand name” when it comes to something like this. Active ingredient and percent of active ingredient are what matter…


How you kill a cherry volunteer that was allowed to grow to 20+ feet and sent up a bunch of root suckers when the main trunk was cut at 6’ or so. Left some height in case some leverage is called for when axing roots.

Its in the corner of a suburban lot so is probably sending up suckers in the two neighbors yards too. Surrounded by grape vines and a fig tree, currants, and some other stuff that I’d prefer not to harm.


I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t give you enough new leaves so that you could put enough roundup on them to do the job, but I also think that you could paint the cut, or drill a hole in the trunk and put roundup in the hole. I’m assuming that the trunk is still alive.


See the link to the “hack and squirt” method I shared above. Chop into the cambium, a squirt of Triclopyr, it’s done… Should be very targeted to just the tree you want to get rid of.


Thanks. I’ll look into it:


That should do the trick… Bayer brand at Lowes for about $20 at 4X (32oz) the size. Same 8.8% concentration. But if you don’t need that much…


Yeah, I was looking for the smallest possible container.