Rounding Out an Asian Persimmon Collection

DWN and LE cooke Maru are both California Maru?

I read that Maru when cross pollinated becomes seeded and Non-astringent. however, you are saying that yours were seeded you have chocolate persimmon nearby, but maru remain astringent. Anyone else grow Maru that can share some more about growing Maru?

Yes. Same per the info I received.

I just planted mine but the info I found on the DWN Maru also indicated that it is astringent unless cross pollinated. I have it next to a Saijo and about 25 ft from chocolate and coffeecake. Hopefully that will be enough for cross pollination!

As for my Maru, it did turn out to be non-astringent when pollinated, however I needed to wait until December for it to be edible. Note that the DWN website states that the harvest period is most of October. I live about 50 miles west of Hickman, CA, and I am about 500 ft higher in elevation. I usually have harvest dates a week or two later than what DWN states. But in the case of Maru, the dates seem pretty far off.

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Great Wall- astringent

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