Royal cherry in Europe

Hello!! Anybody knows if the varieties Minnie Royal and Royal lee are in a nursery in Europe? It’s patent has already expired.

If it exists in the EU, @Luisport is probably growing it. :wink: May he has some tips for us.


No, cherries are not my fruit… i don’t eat one because all the birds eat them… i just have two local var trees. :blush:


I did not see them in European nurseries, but I think they have a bad behavior when setting


thank you very much to all!! I will wait until I find them.

Hi Enrique.
I know you live in the province of Seville, and you have few hours of winter cold, but you have varieties of cherry trees available in Europe with a low cold requirement, and better agronomic characteristics than the Royal Lee and Minnie Royal varieties.
According to Cot Internacional , most of them have a requirement of 450-500 chill hours , but these varieties have been tested by the IMIDA ( Murcian Institute for Agrarian and Environmental Research and Development ) , and they bear fruit perfectly with 350 cold hours .
I’ll just cite a few examples:

  • Nimba
  • Frisco
  • Giant Red Mariant ***
  • Early Red Maraly ***
  • Rocket***
  • Pacific Red ***
  • C-14 Royal Dawn

You can buy them in several Italian nurseries , which they sell to hobbyists ( the varieties marked with three asterisks are unbeatable ) .



Hi Jose!! thanks for helping me in another thread hahahaha. I will see if there are stocks of them for winter. I really want to have cherry trees. In my area, as you know, no one has them.

I was looking for large cherries such as Sweet Loranz, Sweet Stephany, Sweet Lorreta, Tamara, etc, and found out that those are all in Europe and none of them are available in U.S. Then I found a nursery in U.S selling Royal variety cherries Including Royal Lee, Royal Hellen, Royal Brynn, Royal Tioga.
For you, you can easily get Sweet variety cherry I was looking for. I am glad I found Royal cherry variety, and I hope you will be happy with Sweet cherry variety.

Hi eg
Zaiger’s Royal series of cherries has very very good varieties and others that are quite mediocre.
Tell me if you are so kind , the varieties that nursery sells you and I recommend the best varieties.
For example, the Royal Tioga variety is not interesting, unless you have few hours of winter cold.
Therefore, tell me the varieties that are available and I will tell you the best ones.


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HI Jose,
They have Royal Ansel, Royal Lee, Royal Elain, Royal Brynn, Royal Edie, Royal Hazel, Royal Helen, Royal Lynn, Royal Rainer, Royal Sonia, Royal Tenaya, Royal Tioga. They also sell Santina, Skeena, Sonata, Stardust, Sweetheart, Tieton, Tulare, Chelan, Cristalina, BurgundyPearl, BlackPearl, Black Gold. Most of them have trade mark.

Please tell me which one is not only taste good but also bear abundant fruits consistently.

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Hi eg.
There are incredibly good varieties on your list, but you are in danger.

I see in your profile, that you are in climatic zone 9, but I don’t know what your population is, to know your number of hours of winter cold.

This is essential to be able to recommend varieties to you.

I know you want big, sweet, flavorful cherries.
If you have enough cold hours, we will try to avoid the hyper-productive varieties, since they are dificult of harvesting and lose a lot of caliber.

I cross my fingers that you have many hours of winter cold.

I wait for you to tell me your cold hours and we choose the best compatible varieties in pollination.


Hi Jose,

It says we are getting about 400 hours of cold/ chill in winter.
Yes, I like big and sweet cherry varieties.

If you don’t mind me butting in I have the same question. I can get 900 hours, it never rains in my greenhouse, and will thin the fruit if necessary. All I care about is eating quality.

Hi Steven .
With the conditions you propose (900 hours of cold and greenhouse cultivation), success is assured and you will get cherries of a “bestial” quality.
Simply ask EJ (CherryLover1) which nursery has the varieties he mentions in previous messages, and buy these varieties.

By order of maturation, and its pollinating variety.

Attention that the maturation dates that Davewilson offers on his website are incorrect, the dates that I give you are correct.

  • Royal Tioga
    Ripens 16 days before Bing, it is self-fertile, caliber 28-30 mm, very sweet and with low acidity (very tasty cherry of early harvest ).

  • Royal Hazel
    Ripens 10 days before Bing, caliber 30 mm, sweet and tasty cherry , pollinates whit Royal Tioga.

  • Royal Ansel
    Ripens 12 days before Bing , caliber 30-32 mm , very sweet and aromatic , as it is a variety of adequate production ( does not overload ) , so high quality cherries are obtained of this variety , Royal Tioga is good pollinator for Royal Ansel , is one of the best varieties in its maturation date.

  • Tieton
    Ripens 9 days before Bing.
    Another of my favorite cherry varieties, very big caliber 32-34 mm , very sweet and very tasty,
    , cross pollinates with the serie Pearl cherries (Black, Ebony and Burgundy Pearl ).
    Essential variety for you.

  • Black Pearl
    Ripens 7 days before Bing, good variety, caliber 30 mm,
    sweet and tasty, pollinates with his sister Burgundy Pearl

  • Burgundy Pearl
    Ripens 4 days before Bing , extremely good variety, caliber 30-32 mm, very very sweet and tasty, pollinates with its sister Black Pearl

  • Utah Giant
    Ripens 2-3 days before Bing.
    It is one of my favorite cherry varieties, super caliber 32-34 mm, super sweet and super flavor.
    Essential variety for you.

  • Ebony Pearl
    Ripens on the same date as Bing, it is the best variety of the Pearl series, caliber 30-32 mm,
    super sweet and flavorful, cross pollinates with its sisters Black and Burgundy Pearl

  • Selah
    Ripens 5 days after Bing.
    It is my second favorite cherry variety , super caliber 32-34 mm, very sweet and very tasty , Selah is selfertile.
    Another variety essential for you.

  • Royal Helen
    Ripens 12 days after Bing.
    My favorite variety of medium-late cherry, super caliber 32-34 mm, very sweet and tasty , selfertile variety.
    From my point of view, it is the best variety of medium-late cherry.
    essential variety

  • Royal Edie
    Ripens 13-14 days after Bing.
    caliber 30-32 mm, flavor characteristics similar to Royal Helen , selfertile variety.

So far the earliest to mid-late harvest varieties.

There is an intermediate variety (very interesting for me), which is Summit, but it needs 1,100 cold hours (you have 900), you could try this variety.

Ripens 3 days before Bing, super caliber 32-34 mm and more, it is a medium-low production variety, it is not excessively sweet, but it has a sugar-acid balance that makes it delicious, despite being not very productive, it is a very good variety, pollinates with all three varieties of the Pearl series (Burgundy, Black and Ebony Pearl)

For sale in these nurseries

With the late varieties, we have problems, as Skeena, Attika (Kordia), and Regina ripen very close to Royal Helen and are of infinitely worse quality.

So we only have one variety left for the closing of the campaign.

-Sweet Heart

Ripens 20 days after Bing.
Sweetheart has a caliber of 28-29 mm, it is a sweet variety with a good flavor, for a variety of end the campaign, it is a self-fertile variety.

You have to keep two things in mind with Sweetheart:

  • If it is harvested early, its flavor is scarce, it must be allowed to finish maturing on the tree, so that it reaches its maximum flavor potential (like pluots).
  • It is an extremely productive variety, so it is necessary to control production through strong pruning.

And finally, I’ll tell you that I’ll send you a private message, since a guy from the forum has an extremely good variety, but I don’t like to discuss these things in an open forum.



EJ, this afternoon I will make a list of varieties that are recommended for you.


I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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The sugar content is very high, what variety is this?

Its a local variey from my region in the north of Portugal, it is so sweet it burns the tongue

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