Royal Rainier are Starting to Royally Blush

My Royal Rainier Cherry isn’t ready yet but the birds are attacking it already!!! I think we have an over population of birds or my year round fruit garden has been posted on Bird’s FaceBook pages!

They know about my Rainier Cherries! Can’t fool them now with the “unripe” looking colors.


Get out the netting or you might lose those gourmet gems.

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White Gold blushes like that, too. It’s really a pink cherry.

The problem with nets is that the cherry poke out thru the interstices, where the birds can get them.

I’m going to try one of the Big Bug nets this year, see if that works

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I tried Bird Scare tapes, it was partially successful. I tried the Dancing Air Man, the one you see in car lots, it was only effective for a couple of days, and then, the birds knew it was harmless and they used it as their entertainer as they feast on my fruits. I’d try laser only if I can afford them, but this vineyard owner can afford the laser gizmo!


what about a motion activated sprinkler like this?

can’t detect birds. If you adjust them to be sensitive enough, a slight breeze and swaying of the leaves could turn it on, spraying water more than necessary and may encourage fungal diseases.

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I will try this one in conjunction with bird scare tapes. I hope it will be annoying to the birds. I will attach it to a programmable cyclic timer and direct the lights to the tree during daytime.

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